I nostri valori di Re.Strutture sono: professionalità, trasparenza, competenza e fiducia.

the values ​​of RE.STRUTTURE





We involved the Arezzo painter Maurizio Rapiti (in 2023) and the Sienese painters Martina Buracchi (in 2022) and Tommaso Andreini (in 2021) in the story of the values of Re.Strutture. They created 3 works for us that we would like to share with you.


2023, oil painting on canvas, 100x70 cm

“In recent years, my artistic journey has led me to deal with paintings from the past, copying and revisiting them with the aim of giving a new meaning, a new life to the reinterpreted works. A bit like Re.Strutture approaches construction and the redevelopment of spaces.
We both recover what already has a value and return it with a new guise, a new meaning, communicating through a contemporary language that respects the history of the elements we work on. For this reason it was easy for me to think of a work that was faithful to my language and which at the same time represents the core values of Re.Strutture.
The choice to revisit Caravaggio’s Saint Jerome is not accidental, in addition to the obvious choice for purely aesthetic reasons (Michelangelo Merisi’s painting is in itself a masterpiece and a joy for the eyes), the subject was chosen for several reasons . Theologian and Christian monk, Saint Jerome is a symbol of Faith, which therefore fully embraces the feeling of Trust, one of the 4 core values of Re.Strutture. Furthermore, the inclusion in the work of elements that refer to the construction site and construction work (plumb line, construction helmet) recall professionalism and competence, and the hourglass symbolizes the importance that the company attributes to transparency in communicating and respect the completion times of the works.

We therefore find ourselves as a “trusted construction site foreman” of Saint Jerome, committed to reflecting, meditating and reasoning in his objectives, serious and reliable, who reveals the wisdom and spirit of sacrifice of those who have quality and respect for their values as their priority. ”


Martina Buracchi

“The dawn of a new day. The horizon opens up to new commercial, cultural and human exchanges, to new encounters with peoples and cultures.
Air, water, earth and fire merge, flow in perfect harmony.
Intuition, passion, action. Energy that creates matter.
The Arabian Phoenix, symbol of rebirth, sails across the sky.
Beauty and power, connected to the cyclical nature of life, immortality, eternal return.
Knowledge, wisdom, the values of the past, the historical, cultural and environmental heritage support man and open the doors to a new beginning, in which he consciously and joyfully accepts
one’s indissoluble bond with nature and one’s origins.
Loyalty to the land.
At the top of a cliff stands a Greek temple under construction.
It expresses harmony and perfection resulting from the competence of the genius that has animated man since the dawn of time.
Leonardo leaves his mark on the rugged wall, reminding us of the glory of the Renaissance and the balance of classicism.
The rock, symbol of trust and resistance, supports the human
and is caressed by the crystal clear water of the sea.
Its vapor rises into the sky and, transmuted into rain, returns to itself purified, nourishing the earth.
Competence, professionalism, transparency and trust come together and cooperate to create ideal projects.
Just as the Phoenix rises again, Re.Strutture gives new life to properties, revealing their long-lost original essence.”




olio e acrilici su tela, 80x60 cm

“In the emotional aspect, the work of art is an act of contemplation, it evokes emotions and sensations while exorcising others.
Exactly like Re.strutture, which in its philosophy of redevelopment and recovery seeks to restore dignity
and new emotional life to properties they had sold out of
their original destiny and their time.”